Saturday, December 10, 2011

im going to be doing reviews soon. im still new to the blogging world so bear with me guys. I plan to make my blog really awesome. : ) Any suggestions on what you would like to see reviewed? im going to be reviewing makeup, hair stuff, etc.

Godiva Coffee/Chocolate Gems- Ends today!! Hurry!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Im turning 23!!

I am so sorry for not updating! how was everyones Thanksgiving? Mine was very good. I ate a lot and spent it with my family and bf. Then after me and my bf started the black friday madness. It actually wasnt that bad. Probably because most of what i wanted i got it online. I literally went to almost every store i think lol Im very excited because my bday is in about a week. My bf is planning on making it very special for me. He's even been working overtime to save money for my bday. How sweet is that?

Mr. Popper's Penguins DVD- Ends 12/8

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Rainy Day

Its been raining here all day. :( I like the rain but then I hate it as well. It sucks when you have somewhere to go and its raining. You get all wet and you have to be careful on the roads while driving. Is anyone excited about Black Friday?? I am beyond excited. Not looking forward to waiting in those long lines but its gonna be worth it with all those good deals.

Question Of The Day:

What are your plans for Thanksgiving? Im going to make thanksgiving dinner and am going to spend it with my parents and boyfriend. Then on to shopping! :)


Popware for Pets- Ends 12/5

Orthobean Giveaway- Ends 11/29

Simone France Skincare Giveaway- Ends 11/25

32-oz bottle of What Odor?- Ends 11/26

$50 Amazon GC- Ends 11/30

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Congrats to Kathy Davis who is the winner of my Memories: Digital Scrapbooking Giveaway! :)

I have a ton more giveaways I am going to be posting in the future. I have posted a new one today. 1 of you will win a Marley and Me dvd! Just in time for the holidays.  

Question Of The Day: Whats your most favorite thing about entering giveaways? Mine is the feeling of being able to get the chance to win something. The best feeling is getting a you are the winner email in my email. :)


Camu C Serum by Amazon Rain- Ends 12/4

Ozeri Duo Ultra Salt and Pepper Grinder- Ends 11/30

Pair of RX glasses from EyeBuyDirect- Ends 11/28

$25 GC for a pair of glasses- Ends 11/27

Lash cards- Ends 11/24

Marley and Me DVD Giveaway

Im very excited to announce i am having another giveaway. My boyfriend had bought me the double pack of Marley and me that came with the first one and the second one. I just wanted the second one because I already had the first one but he didnt know that. So instead of it just sitting there I am offering one lucky reader a copy of the cute movie Marley and me. Just in time for the holidays! :)


As soon as i saw the previews i knew i wanted to see this movie. im a big dog lover and anything with dogs i love. Marley reminds me of my own dog. At times he can be really bad but hes the sweetest dog and hes my baby. Basically this movie is abiut a couple who gets married and then soon after gts a golden lab. Little did they know their new dog, Marley was going to end up being a handful. Overall this movie is funny, sweet and entertaining. I would definately recommend this to anyone who loves dogs or someone that has a family and wants to enjoy a movie with them.

To enter just fill out the easy rafflecopter form. Sometimes its slow so just wait a couple minutes :-)

Friday, November 18, 2011

Question of The Day

Soo Ive decided to start doing something fun. Im going to be adding questions everyday and you can answer it and tell me your response in the comment form below. :) There are no wrong answers here! :) Also Im going to keep providing you guys with links to giveaways! :)


Whats the one thing you like most about the holidays? My favorite thing is giving. I love to give and just seeing that persons face light up and smile makes my day and makes me feel so happy. :) 


Blendtec Total Blender Combo- Ends 11/22

Vitafusion MultiVites- Ends 12/14

Dentisse Natural Reflection Toothpaste- Ends 12/14

Vivoderm Anti-Acne Mask- Ends 11/25

Merlot Skin Care Exfoliating Scrub- Ends 11/27

JAWS (Just Add Water System) Product Giveaway- Ends 11/28

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Im so happy the holidays are here already! I love giving to my family, friends, boyfriend, etc. It feels so good to give. :) I have some giveaways to share with you all. Check them out and enter :)

Nextbook 6 Tablet- Ends 11/25

Carmex Giveaway- Ends TODAY! Hurry!

Simone France Skincare Giveaway- Ends 11/25

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

hey! How are yall today? I had a really good day. :) I wanted to let you all know that I have made the form for the MyMemories: Digital Scrapbooking a rafflecopter form! :) I signed up to use it but they said it was invite only and were going to get back to me. Today they did, so right after I made the rafflecopter form to make it easier for you all to enter my giveaway! :) Below are some giveaways worth checking out. :)

Andalou Naturals Giveaway- Ends 11/18

NEATO XV-11 Robotic Vacuum- Ends 11/28

Christmas Lodge DVD- Ends 11/11

Romanicos Chocolate Mixed Cube Giveaway- Ends 11/22

OneCARE Travel Kit (Dryel Pen, Lint Roller, Tide Odor Absorbing Travel Bag, and 3oz Downy Wrinkle Releaser)- Ends 11/16

Monday, November 7, 2011


I had a wonderful workout today! After cleaning the house all day working out was the last thing I wanted to do but I managed to make myself go and I feel so good. Here are some contests I entered :)

Christmas Lodge DVD- Ends 11/11

Water for Elephants DVD & Book- Ends 11/12

Illinois Nut & Candy Giveaway- Ends 11/17

Let Them Eat Cake Pops Giveaway- Ends 11/15

$25 Visa Gift Card- Ends 11/10

The Christmas Lodge DVD- Ends 11/9

$100 Amazon Gift Card- Ends 11/12

$25 Walmart Gift Card- Ends 11/9

Sunday, November 6, 2011


Here are some awesome giveaways going on right now! :)

Brynn and Amie Artisan Food and Gifts: Full package of Karma Krunch Cookie Mix- Ends 11/7 Hurry!

Amazon Rain Lluvia Crystal Exfoliator- Ends 11/17

Box of 22 Original Guylian Chocolate Truffles- Ends 11/16

Get a Jumpstart on Christmas Shopping with a $50 Gift Card Thrifty Momma Ramblings Giveaway!- Ends Today! Hurry!

Win a piece of clothing of your choice from Fashion To Figure- Ends 11/14

Oransi Fridge Air Purifier Giveaway- Ends 11/18
Also visit their blog ;)

Oransi Fridge Air Purifier- Ends 11/17

Oransi Ionic Air Purifier for the Refrigerator- Ends 11/19

$50 Womanly Journey Bracelet- Ends 11/9

Win the Entire Cleanlogic Product Line Giveaway- Ends 11/21

MyMemories: Digital Scrapbooking Review + Giveaway

I was so excited when I was approached for an opportunity to review this software and get a copy of it for free! :) Once I installed the software I started playing around with it some and it seemed kinda hard to navigate and I didn't know what I was doing at all. Once I got the hang of it, I was having a lot of fun with it. :) Its actually very simple to use. You don't have to be a pro at graphics or anything like that. This program makes it so easy to make graphics of any kind. You can make scrap booking pages with this, cards, anything you wanna do! :) I have used Photoshop pro and other programs similar to it and always had to follow tutorials to figure out how to use it. While using this software I feel like a pro. :)

They have a bunch of FREE kits on their site, which is awesome! :) I decided to make some pages of me and my boyfriend. It took me about less than 15 minutes to make. It has all the tools you need to make beautiful graphics. I can honestly say I am very impressed with this program.

To learn more about this amazing program visit their site at

My Memories Suite is offering one of my readers the chance to try this $40 software program for FREE!!

Also here's something awesome you might like to know. When their FB page gets to 10,000 fans they are giving
away an iPad, all you have to do is LIKE their page to be eligible to win

Can't wait to try this awesome software program?

Use this code to get $10 off! :)


How To Enter: Just use the simple rafflecopter form below. It might take a minute to load. Just be patient! Good luck! :)

Giveaway will end on November 20th and the winner will be notified on or after November 20th.

Tips On How To Win Blog Giveaways

When I first started entering contests it started off by entering one here and there. Then when I saw how fun it was I entered more and more. Just the feeling of being able to get something for free excited me and made me happy. After entering just regular contests I found out about blog giveaways. I never knew blogs had giveaways! lol I had a journal type thing before on Xanga, but never really tried blogger. Anyway as I got more and more into entering blog giveaways I started winning. You have no idea how excited and happy I was. Its become more of a hobby than anything. Anyway from entering and reading other tips people have shared online I have some tips to share with you on how to better your chances with entering blogs. :)

Tip 1: Be Persistent

Ok you know how on blogs they have extra entries after you fill out the mandatory entry? Well take advantage of all the possible entries you can. Also those daily tweets add up. The more entries you do the more you have a chance of winning.

Tip 2: Look for Low Entry Giveaways

There is this site called IceRocket that you can search for anything and brings up all the results from blogs. So for instance say you want to enter a giveaway for a Spooky Buddies DVD, which is what I searched for.Put in the search box Spooky Buddies DVD Giveaway. It will list all the results for that search term. A lot of the low entry giveaways Ive found have been through.Also another thing you can do to find low entry giveaways is to search on Google for low entry linkys. Ive found a ton of low entry giveaways like that.

Tip 3: Make An Account

If you don't have an account for social media networks such as Facebook or Twitter, make one! A lot or shall I say most of the blog giveaways require you to have an account in order to do most of the required entries such as the daily tweets. Also a lot of the entries will ask you to like so and so on Facebook or add them as a friend.Some other popular ones are Digg and StumbleUpon,

Tip 4: Keep Track of Giveaways

You can either use Notepad that comes on your computer or use your bookmarks folder on your internet. That's what I use to organize the giveaways I have entered. I have the name of the giveaway and in front of it I have what date I tweeted for that particular giveaway. I always take advantage of daily tweets for the giveaways I really want to win because think about it, if a giveaway lasts say 10 days that's 10 entries I have already. :)

Tip 5: Know and Think You Will Win

This one is very important. Think about it like this; if you have the attitude of you wont win or why enter then that's just creating negative energy. Why not instead of creating negative energy, create positive energy! :) You aren't going to win if you don't think positive and believe you will win.

Tip 6: Be Patient

Unless you are one of those people who are extremely lucky, you need to be patient. It will at least take a month if not less to win 1 or 2 giveaways. Now that's not always true. A lot of factors determine whether or not you will win sooner or later. It depends on how often you enter giveaways, how many you enter, etc. I usually enter at least 5 giveaways if not more a day. I also keep up with daily tweets and such. So don't take me saying it will take about a month to win as its set in stone because its not. All I am saying is don't be discouraged when you aren't winning anything and other people are. Just be patient and think positive and you are going to be winning in no time! :)

Saturday, November 5, 2011

I had a wonderful weekend spending time with my boyfriend. :) I have some more giveaways to share with you all. :)

Water for Elephants DVD Giveaway- Ends 11/13

Dove Nourishing Oil Care Giveaway- Ends 11/7

Billy Blanks PT 24/7 DVD Giveaway- Ends 11/8

Windex Celebrates 75th Birthday! Windex Gift Pack Giveaway- Ends 11/12

2 Mederma Scar Products- Ends 11/17

Friday, November 4, 2011

Feeling Better

Im feeling a whole lot better now! YAY! :) Ive been winning a ton of contests and Im so happy and excited. Its so exciting getting an email saying you won something. Even if its something small. :) I have a bunch of contests to share with you guys. :)

Scrubbing Bubbles Giveaway- Ends 11/17

Just Jen Custom Bling Shirt- Ends 11/16

The Ultimate Beauty Prize Pack Giveaway- Ends 11/13

Win a Windex Prize pack with Windex Original, Windex Multi-Surface Vinegar and Windex Electronic Wipes- Ends 11/9

Wanna win an $200 Amazon Gift Card? Well head on over to The Suburban Jungle to enter! :) Ends 11/17

Bottle of Salon Grafix Invisible Dry Spray Shampoo- Ends 11/7

Holiday Gift Set by Pink Dandy- Ends 11/25

WEN Complete Haircare System- Ends 11/20

Pureology 24 Hour Hair Shaping Lotion- Ends 11/9

Grateful Body Oil Skin Care Basics Set that includes: (cleanser, toner & moisturizer)- Ends 11/5

Wanna win a toy for your dog? Head on over to Networking Witches. Ends 11/14

Injur-Heal Oil Mountain Rose Herbs Giveaway- Ends Today! Hurry!

holiday ta•ta•toos prize package of three different greetings (Jingle Bells, Sugar Spice and Naughty Nice- Ends 12/12

3 Bags of Pretzels & 2 Boxes of Dip- Ends 12/6

Crunchmaster Cracker Sampler- Ends 11/16

Win a Keri Lotion- Ends Today! Hurry!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Im sick :(

I have a cold :( This really sucks cause I cant really keep up with my daily tweets and such. Also I hate having to sneeze and cough every 5 seconds. Ive been taking medicine but it makes me so drowsy and sleepy that I sleep all day. Yesterday I slept the whole day and hated it. :( I was going to workout but didnt get to do that.

Prize Pack containing Healing Creams and Healing Lotions from Carmex- Ends 11/7

Prize Pack of Aloette Products- Ends 11/7

Monday, October 31, 2011


Hey! How are yall? Happy Halloween!! Ive posted some giveaways that I have entered.

Popcorn Factory Popcorn Tin- Ends 11/2

Win a $15 Walmart Gift Certificate- Ends Today! Hurry!

Spooky Buddies DVD- Ends Today! Hurrry! :)

These have the cutest giveaway for dogs! :) Its socks for dogs. I entered and would love to win. Hurry it ends 11/1!

A set of Power Paws- Ends 11/1

8 oz. Bottle of Prefense Hand Sanitizer- Ends today! Hurry!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sooo Cold

Hey yall! How are yall? Its been so cold over here. I live in Louisiana so our winters and falls aren't that cold. Anyway yeah it was so cold outside. It was nice being able to cuddle up with my love and warming each other up. :) We had a nice day yesterday. We were suppose to go to the state fair in Baton Rouge but ended up just going to the French Quarter basically and enjoying our day. :) Anyway here are some contests Ive entered! :) As always check out the amazing blogs. For the Silk Fudge giveaway its rafflecopter so its really easy. Just fill out the form and you're entered to win! :)

1 lb Sample Box of SilkFudge with 4 flavors- Ends 11/6
Also be sure to check out SilkFudge :)

$25 Sam's Club/Walmart Gift Card- Ends 10/31 Hurry!

Windex Turns 75! Giveaway (Electronics Wipes (1pk/25pcs), Multi-Surface Vinegar (26 FL Oz) and Original (26 FL Oz)- Ends 11/9

Ozeri Duo Ultra Salt & Pepper Grinder- Ends 11/21

Double CD Storage Box From Snap-N-Store- Ends 11/9

ToiletTree Fogless Mirror- Ends 11/16

Monte Carlo and Caboodle Giveaway- Ends 11/12

Guylian Artisanal Belgian Original Chocolate Truffles- Ends 10/31
Visit Guylians site too! :)

Winnie The Pooh Blu-Ray/DVD Combo- Ends tonight!

Online Selling Coach Holiday Kickoff Giveaway- Ends 11/1

Friday, October 28, 2011


I have a bunch of giveaways to list! :) I hope you all like them and enter. There are some great prizes to win. Also make sure to visit the blogs while you are there. They are all very cool.

Winnie the Pooh Blu Ray/DVD Combo Pack- Ends 11/1

One item from Organica Pure- Ends 11/3

Guylian Artisanal Belgian Original Chocolate Truffles- Ends 10/31
Visit Guylians site too! :)

Trick or Treat Halloween #Giveaway Hop @ About A Mom- Ends 11/3

5 Sephora $25 Gift Cards- Ends 11/18

Win 2 Skindinavia Products- Ends 11/3

Lysol Challenge Giveaway- Ends 11/5

Spooky Buddies DVD- Ends 10/30

Spooky Buddies DVD- Ends 11/01
Hey, how are all of you this evening? I just finished working out. I need to get back to working out like I use to. I use to work out 5x a week if not more. Lately I've only been working out 2x a week if that. I love working out and keeping my body healthy but I've just been slacking off lately. Im going to try working out more and watching what I eat. I want to and need to lose weight. Anyway on to the giveaways. I entered a ton of giveaways today. Check them out and enter. There's a ton of great prizes to win! :)

EdenFantasys $25 GC- Ends 11/26

Epicurean Cutting Board Giveaway- Ends 11/9

First Alert Voice Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm - Ends 11/2

Kinder Sole Flip-Flops- Ends 10/28

Oransi’s Robby Wash Laundry Ball- Ends 10/27
Also visit their amazing blog! :)

Campbell's Select Harvest Soup Giveaway- Ends 10/27
Also visit their amazing blog! :)

Modify Watches- Ends 10/27

4 boxes of Kim and Scott's Gourmet Pretzels- Ends 10/31

Winnie The Pooh DVD/Blu-Ray Combo Pack- Ends 10/30

Skoopz Prize Package- Ends 11/16

Guylian Artisanal Belgian Original Chocolate Truffles- Ends 10/31
Visit Guylians site too! :)

Schick & Skintimate Prize Pack- Ends 11/17

Sparkly Soul Headbands- Ends 11/13

An Entire Box of Sky Bars- Ends 11/5

Tub Plug- Ends 11/8

Winnie The Pooh DVD- Ends 10/30

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I have a bunch of giveaways to list! I hope you like them. Theres some great stuff to win, make sure and enter. :)

Toilet Tree Fogless Shower Mirror- Ends 10/27 Hurry!
Also be sure to check out Toilet Tree's Site! :)

Planet Earth Orange Oakmoss Organic Perfume Balm- Ends 11/3
Also be sure to visit Planet Earth! :)
Also be sure to check out the amazing blog, Your Golden Ticket :)

8 oz. bottle of Prefense Hand sanitizer- Ends 11/13

I got an awesome one! How about winning a new scale? Head on over to Our Whiskey Lullaby to win! :) Ends 11/8

PINK S2H Step Pedometer- Ends 11/14
Also be sure to check out their blog! :) The Freebie Junkie

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


There are soo many giveaways out there! Another thing Im going to do on this blog is list giveaways. :) Since my blog is new, it might take me a while to get into the whole blogging thing, but I will try to post all the giveaways I can find, post tips on how to win, etc. I will also post about my life and I will even have giveaways of my own! Below are some of the giveaways I have entered. Be sure to check them out to enter for a chance to win as well.

Mom’s Secret Savior Woolite prize pack- Ends 10/25 Hurry!

Shout Prize Pack- Ends 10/25 Hurry!

Black Cat Truffles from The Swiss Colony- Ends 10/27

Scrubbing Bubbles Prize Pack- Ends 10/28

Guylian Artisanal Belgian Original Chocolate Truffles- Ends 10/31
Visit Guylians site too! :)

Ozeri 3x Tower Fan- Ends 11/20

Monday, October 24, 2011

Ive been entering a bunch of contests! The blogs hosting these contests are awesome! :) Check out the links below to enter for your chance to win some awesome stuff.

The Farberware 10-Speed Blender- Ends 10/31

Spooky Buddies DVD/Blue-Ray Combo Pack- Ends 11/1

Cooling Mattress Pad- 11/11

Kendall GelThotics- Ends 11/7

$50 Visa Gift Card- Ends 10/30

24oz Tub of OMI Kookie Dough- Ends 11/5

Target Fall Beauty: Napoleon Perdis, Jemma Kidd, Pixi- Ends 10/25

16 Packs of Willy Wonka Exceptionals Chocolate- 10/31

Betty Crocker Milk Chocolate Brownie Giveaway- Ends 10/30

Monte Carlo DVD & Purse Hook- Ends 10/28

Guylian Artisanal Belgian Original Chocolate Truffles- Ends 10/31
Visit Guylians site too! :)

Custom 6-Pack Cheesecakes In A Jar- Ends 10/26

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Ive been entering some awesome contests! Just recently I entered a contest to win a Pink SentrySafe. It looks really nice and I could really use it. Its also in my favorite color, Pink!! :) Go check it out at 

Another contest I entered was for a bottle of Keri Lotion. Im always looking for different lotions since I love lotion! :) Go enter for a chance to win a bottle of it! :) 

Some other giveaways on that blog is:

Milky Way Simply Caramel Halloween Giveaway Ends 10/26

Another Keri Lotion contest is at Go YAY!

First Post!

This is my first post! I'm so excited. Just a little about me, my name is Amanda but I like being called Mandy. So just call me Mandy. :) Im really outgoing and friendly. My family and friends are my life, and I have an amazing boyfriend. I also have 2 dogs. A doberman named Kujo and a yorkie named Chloe. They are my babies. :) Well one thing I love doing is entering contests! :) On my blog I am going to talk about my life, contests, tips, and might even have giveaways of my own. ;) Look forward to blogging! :)

So speaking of giveaways, Ive entered an awesome one. I really hope I win it. Its a contest to win Crest 3D 2 Hour Express Whitestrips.Ive used white strips before and omg they are amazing! They made my teeth look soo white. They are just so pricey, but its worth it. ;) Go over to and enter the contest. :)