Friday, November 4, 2011

Feeling Better

Im feeling a whole lot better now! YAY! :) Ive been winning a ton of contests and Im so happy and excited. Its so exciting getting an email saying you won something. Even if its something small. :) I have a bunch of contests to share with you guys. :)

Scrubbing Bubbles Giveaway- Ends 11/17

Just Jen Custom Bling Shirt- Ends 11/16

The Ultimate Beauty Prize Pack Giveaway- Ends 11/13

Win a Windex Prize pack with Windex Original, Windex Multi-Surface Vinegar and Windex Electronic Wipes- Ends 11/9

Wanna win an $200 Amazon Gift Card? Well head on over to The Suburban Jungle to enter! :) Ends 11/17

Bottle of Salon Grafix Invisible Dry Spray Shampoo- Ends 11/7

Holiday Gift Set by Pink Dandy- Ends 11/25

WEN Complete Haircare System- Ends 11/20

Pureology 24 Hour Hair Shaping Lotion- Ends 11/9

Grateful Body Oil Skin Care Basics Set that includes: (cleanser, toner & moisturizer)- Ends 11/5

Wanna win a toy for your dog? Head on over to Networking Witches. Ends 11/14

Injur-Heal Oil Mountain Rose Herbs Giveaway- Ends Today! Hurry!

holiday ta•ta•toos prize package of three different greetings (Jingle Bells, Sugar Spice and Naughty Nice- Ends 12/12

3 Bags of Pretzels & 2 Boxes of Dip- Ends 12/6

Crunchmaster Cracker Sampler- Ends 11/16

Win a Keri Lotion- Ends Today! Hurry!


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