Friday, November 18, 2011

Question of The Day

Soo Ive decided to start doing something fun. Im going to be adding questions everyday and you can answer it and tell me your response in the comment form below. :) There are no wrong answers here! :) Also Im going to keep providing you guys with links to giveaways! :)


Whats the one thing you like most about the holidays? My favorite thing is giving. I love to give and just seeing that persons face light up and smile makes my day and makes me feel so happy. :) 


Blendtec Total Blender Combo- Ends 11/22

Vitafusion MultiVites- Ends 12/14

Dentisse Natural Reflection Toothpaste- Ends 12/14

Vivoderm Anti-Acne Mask- Ends 11/25

Merlot Skin Care Exfoliating Scrub- Ends 11/27

JAWS (Just Add Water System) Product Giveaway- Ends 11/28


  1. I love the feeling of togetherness during the holidays, and that people seem kinder and gentler.

    Thanks for the links!

  2. Hi Mandy,

    Very pretty blog. Thanks for following my blog as well ( I love your idea of posing questions as I think it's great when people interact more on our blogs. For me what I love about the holidays is getting together with family and good friends and watching the excitement on the kids' faces as they open their presents. I try to instill in my daughter how it's even better to give and receive so we've made it an annual tradition to donate to certain charities, usually the SPCA as we're big animal lovers. We also help her girl guide unit put together a holiday hamper for a family in need.

  3. Cl Beck: I totally agree with you on that. :)

  4. Michelle: Thank you so much! :) I really appreciate it. That's very sweet and wonderful that you donate to charities. I also try to do what I can. For instance whenever I buy something at Pet Smart I always donate money to help the puppies. :) You and your daughter seem like kind and wonderful people. :) Merry Christmas to both of you.