Sunday, November 6, 2011

Tips On How To Win Blog Giveaways

When I first started entering contests it started off by entering one here and there. Then when I saw how fun it was I entered more and more. Just the feeling of being able to get something for free excited me and made me happy. After entering just regular contests I found out about blog giveaways. I never knew blogs had giveaways! lol I had a journal type thing before on Xanga, but never really tried blogger. Anyway as I got more and more into entering blog giveaways I started winning. You have no idea how excited and happy I was. Its become more of a hobby than anything. Anyway from entering and reading other tips people have shared online I have some tips to share with you on how to better your chances with entering blogs. :)

Tip 1: Be Persistent

Ok you know how on blogs they have extra entries after you fill out the mandatory entry? Well take advantage of all the possible entries you can. Also those daily tweets add up. The more entries you do the more you have a chance of winning.

Tip 2: Look for Low Entry Giveaways

There is this site called IceRocket that you can search for anything and brings up all the results from blogs. So for instance say you want to enter a giveaway for a Spooky Buddies DVD, which is what I searched for.Put in the search box Spooky Buddies DVD Giveaway. It will list all the results for that search term. A lot of the low entry giveaways Ive found have been through.Also another thing you can do to find low entry giveaways is to search on Google for low entry linkys. Ive found a ton of low entry giveaways like that.

Tip 3: Make An Account

If you don't have an account for social media networks such as Facebook or Twitter, make one! A lot or shall I say most of the blog giveaways require you to have an account in order to do most of the required entries such as the daily tweets. Also a lot of the entries will ask you to like so and so on Facebook or add them as a friend.Some other popular ones are Digg and StumbleUpon,

Tip 4: Keep Track of Giveaways

You can either use Notepad that comes on your computer or use your bookmarks folder on your internet. That's what I use to organize the giveaways I have entered. I have the name of the giveaway and in front of it I have what date I tweeted for that particular giveaway. I always take advantage of daily tweets for the giveaways I really want to win because think about it, if a giveaway lasts say 10 days that's 10 entries I have already. :)

Tip 5: Know and Think You Will Win

This one is very important. Think about it like this; if you have the attitude of you wont win or why enter then that's just creating negative energy. Why not instead of creating negative energy, create positive energy! :) You aren't going to win if you don't think positive and believe you will win.

Tip 6: Be Patient

Unless you are one of those people who are extremely lucky, you need to be patient. It will at least take a month if not less to win 1 or 2 giveaways. Now that's not always true. A lot of factors determine whether or not you will win sooner or later. It depends on how often you enter giveaways, how many you enter, etc. I usually enter at least 5 giveaways if not more a day. I also keep up with daily tweets and such. So don't take me saying it will take about a month to win as its set in stone because its not. All I am saying is don't be discouraged when you aren't winning anything and other people are. Just be patient and think positive and you are going to be winning in no time! :)


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